Too Many People have Crappy Jobs

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Behind the low unemployment rate too many Americans are stuck in rotten jobs
By Jon Talton for The Seattle Times - published Dec 21 2018

Imagine if you can... "a bank teller could rise to vice president without a college degree [... skip ahead a few short decades to today... ] The result is a workforce where the better educated and highly skilled do well, while the rest lack the rungs up the ladder that once existed." Read More

I worry quite a bit about the rungs of traditional middle class aspirations slipping away, one of those is access to quality post-high school education.  We need more technically skilled workers, Seattle's currently expanding 'Community College for All' is an important downpayment on preserving an upwardly mobile workforce for the next decades in our region. These freshly educated folks will be in better positions to land high-skilled jobs, and thus be more likely to afford a housing payment to actually own a home! If you already own your home please remember that high home prices do not help anyone if no-one can afford to buy your home when it is time to sell.